Where do ideas come from?

Anyone that has put words on paper (or computer screen) has read about an author being asked, been asked, or questioned themselves this evasive question.  So, where do ideas come from?  Or better yet, where do GOOD ideas come from?  You know which ones I mean.  The ones that create a story so good that not only are you accepted by agents and publishers, but long after that book has sold and others have come and gone people still refer to it as one that touched them, entertained them, or flat out scared the daylights out of them.  Do good ideas come from a website?  Are they copied from someone else?  Are they pulled from the ether?  The truth is, nobody can say where these great stories come from, at least not with consistency.  I can tell you how to narrow down your search for a great story, though.  What are some things that interest you?  It would be almost impossible to tell a story about something you aren’t interested in and do it with conviction. You don’t write science fiction if you have no desire to ever read a science fiction story, right?  I wholeheartedly believe that it isn’t so much that certain people just have a tap on the keg of great ideas, but rather they are just writing about things they are passionate about.  Sound simple?  It kinda is.  At least that much of it.  Grab hold of an idea that you’ve been toying with and throw it in a mental blender with another idea.  Start seeing what original roads you can pave with it and stay within your passionate limits.  Whats the worse that could happen?  You write a story that doesn’t get published?  If that’s your only concern, there’s a support group out there somewhere waiting on you.  Until then, keep writing about what you love and drop me a question or three.  Thanks for your time…   E. S. Crites

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