Thank you for visiting my site!  I am E. S. Crites.  I am putting the final touches on my first novel, The Chair.  The Chair is a supernatural/suspense novel which opens the door for other stories in the near future.  The story follows Sonny Dillinger as he searches for clues to the identity of his captor, a dark robed figure with a horrible secret.  I have started a second novel. It should be completed in the following months.  I have written two short stories and will be adding them to the site soon with many more to come. Stories are my passion.  Please accept my invitation to explore this new storied world with me.  Thanks so much for your interest in my work and patience while I introduce you to horrors that dwell in the shadows of my mind.


My name is E. S. Crites.  I’m in my early 40s and have decided to pursue a career doing what I love…writing.  I am from the cornfields of Southern Indiana.  I am happily married with four children. I will soon be updating this site with more information about myself and samples of my writing including short stories and perhaps an excerpt from my book.  You can follow my progress through this site as well as social media.


Please leave a comment and I will get back with you as soon as I can.