First Official Update

My goal is to post updates weekly.  I think I should start with the straightforward stuff first.  I am currently on the third revision of my first novel, tentatively titled “The Chair”.  Because I am firm believer of trying to write every day, I have began work on my second novel titled “Pigeon’s Pass”.  I began writing “The Chair” at the end of July 2016.  It would be great to finish “Pigeon’s Pass” by July of this year.  I have also began writing some short stories that I will making available soon.

Now for the good stuff.  Research into publication has been somewhat slow.  There are so many options out there.  For starters, you can chose to go through the publishing houses or you can go for the self publishing route.  If you go through the publishing houses, you can send your manuscript straight to the ones that will accept your work without agents.  The other option is to obtain an agent and have them do the work for you.  This would open up the publishing houses that don’t accept manuscripts without an agent.  However, the agent and you need to chose each other.

I haven’t decided which direction to go personally, but I am leaning towards looking for an agent.  One way to do the research needed is to purchase Writer’s Digest.  It is a great resource for both publishers and agents.  The one thing that I have found that seems to be of the upmost importance for any direction you go is to start an online presence.  It is what they refer to as a platform.  To do this, I will be adding Facebook as well as others to begin this process.  As I set them up, I will let you know.  Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the site.  Please come back for more updates and short stories soon.

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